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What does the MVNO market hold for me – as a vendor?

There are roughly 800 MNOs in the world for you to sell your systems and technology into. The last MVNO Directory detailed 645 MVNOs. For those of you who have contacted all the MNOs it is time to contact the MVNOs.

Each MVNO will have a different set of agreements with their host MNO and a different take on what technology they want to control. The confusion in the market is the blurring of brands and resellers with MVNOs; it is difficult to distinguish between these without being privy to their contract with the MNO. At the brand and reseller end you are really dealing with the MNO itself. Then there is a middle ground of MVNEs who represent many branded operations but they are the company you need to contact for back office systems and technology. At the full MVNO end there is even potential that the operation will add to and improve the physical network of the MNO as well as being responsible for their own switching, back office systems, value added services, billing, SIM cards, handsets and anything else you would expect an MNO to need to do business.

The exciting press release would be to sign up a big name to your application such as Tesco Mobile or all of Lebara’s multi-country operations. But the small operations will have lofty ambitions too, so while the immediate big budgets may rest with the big names, the up and coming resellers, brands and very small MVNOs can be pots of gold in the making. It is also worth noting that these smaller operations may have been over looked by your competition and depending on what you consider to be “an order” then they could be a better suit to your sales team than starting with the obvious mega MNOs.

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