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T.O.C. Global MVNO markets will reach 186 million subscribers by 2015 (Page 1 | 2 | 3)

Fig. 1. Herfindahl-Hirschman

Fig. 2: Global, MVNO penetration, by region, 2009-2015

Fig. 3: Global, MVNO subscriptions, by region, 2009-2015

Fig. 4: Global, number of MVNO launches, by region, 1991-2010

Fig. 5: Global, number of MVNO launches, by year, 1991-2010

The “retailization” of wholesale business models will happen

Fig. 1: Options for an MVNO, Nov-10

Fig. 2: UK, operators, MVNOs and aggregators, Dec-10

Case study: Best Buy’s mobile broadband MVNO

Fig 1: Best Buy Connect plans, Aug-10

Fig. 2: Best Buy Connect logo

Fig. 3: Best Buy Connect SWOT analysis

Case study: Friendi Mobile Jordan

Fig. 1: Jordan, mobile subscriptions by operator, 2Q10

Fig. 2: Friendi Mobile Jordan business model

Fig. 3: Friendi Mobile Jordan, SWOT analysis

The MVNO Whitepaper