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Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016

Visiongain | November 2011 | Pages 189 | Table of Contents (PDF) | Order

Are MVNOs a Lucrative Business Model?

The misguided conception that MVNOs have passed their heyday is unfortunately linked to the high failure rates of many ill-prepared ventures. The MVNO business model has been popular in the last two decades in mature telecom markets, especially in Europe. This popularity has been marred by injudicious strategies and a failure to understand the key elements of sustaining an MVNO. The market potential for establishing a viable MVNO exists; the issue is how to effectively harness it.

Our latest research report Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: Designing Successful Strategies for Monetising Smartphone and LTE Growth details the essential strategies and core elements that are necessary for setting up a successful MVNO. The report covers the lightest MVNOs, such as branded resellers, to those with the deepest integration at the core mobile network level. It analyses issues from customer-facing services, branding and pricing to operational and business support systems. The report highlights the reasons for failures and advises on strategies for running a successful MVNO business.

A Second Wind for MVNOs

A number of dynamic factors are serving as a catalyst driving the rebirth of a stagnating MVNO market. Above all, technological developments in smartphone features and capabilities, coupled with increasing mobile broadband speeds are generating a rich market for value added services. 3G networks and the imminent deployment of 4G networks are changing mobile consumer behaviours. The mobile device is becoming ever more central to consumer's lives, and their use is evermore diverse and broad.

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