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When should an MVNO invest in technology?: a downloadable whitepaper

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MVNO is a risky business. It requires knowledge about the telecom architectures as well as an excellent marketing strategy in order to successfully address a specific segment. More than 50% of the MVNOs around the world fail in the first year from the launch. This may sound discouraging, however, the number of new MVNO initiatives and the number of users subscribing to MVNO services increase every year. The business model can work out very well, there are plenty of examples of successful and flourishing MVNOs, but this is heavily dependent on the investment in technology, marketing and operational support. This white paper is for aspiring or existing MVNOs and it is meant to share a recommended approach when MVNOs are considering investing in technology.

The MVNO must make sure that the chosen technology platform is flexible enough to allow the development of new products and services fast enough to keep the pace with the market fast evolution, consumers’ wants and needs. MVNOs should have a vision in regards to this market evolution and marketing is responsible for defining the MVNO’s needs in terms of technology platform flexibility. The operational efficiency has also its own impact when choosing a technology platform, but it comes second as priority.

The MVNO will have some priorities before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs. 

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When should an MVNO invest in technology
Types of MVNO entrepreneurs
Level of marketing knowledge
Level of technology knowledge
Technology/Marketing knowledge matrix
The Rookie
The Market expert
The technologist
The Sophisticated

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