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The Future of MVNOs - Strategies to succeed with MVNOs in Latin America

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MVNO markets have gone through various stages of development in recent years. Since the first introduction of MVNOs in the 1990s and the second wave of proliferation in the mid-2000s, the number of players has increased and contracted in cycles. The attitude of mobile operators has gone through some radical changes: Initially, the mobile operators fought against MVNO legislation and the MVNOs themselves; then they accepted the existence of MVNO players; and then they started eagerly seeking new MVNO partners and developing aggressive wholesale strategies.

Informa believes that a rejuvenated phase of expansion is beginning. In markets where MVNOs have traditionally played a role, typically Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, MVNO players are consolidating and internationalizing but, despite this, they are continuing to grow in many segments.

There are still many market segments untapped by the mobile network operators that are being addressed by MVNOs - these include the ethnic markets, data-only connectivity, and community-led and retailer-owned MVNOs - and there is also a strong push from mobile operators wanting to increase their share of mobile wholesale revenues. Informa believes that virtually every mobile market has the potential to benefit from MVNOs, and every mobile operator can derive an advantage from MVNOs

Table of Contents:

Understanding the global picture ....4

The outlook for MVNOs in Latin America .....4

Opportunity for MVNO-led pricing arbitration is low..5

Triple play will remain a major MVNO driver ...6

Beyond the 'telecoms MVNO': The retailer, the financial and the youth MVNO ..7

The MVNO quadrant: Global and regional case studies .....8

Global MVNO survey .......10

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