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MVNOs in the Middle East & Africa research briefing

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Too soon for mobile virtual networks in Africa?

MVNOs in the Middle East - will they work?

Virgin Mobile South Africa : qualified success?

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The MVNO Directory 2011 (with sample operator profiles)

You will learn...

Why MVNOs have yet to take-off in Africa... The importance of branding in African markets...despite, or because of, low-incomes  The five 'types' of MVNO...and which ones are right for Africa Why advertising is even more, not less, relevant to African audiences... What makes the expat market so interesting Four major market conditions that have to be satisfied before mass MVNO rollouts... The MVNO market cycle...and where Africa is currently...What makes the MVNO model a natural for major Middle East markets...and three workable MVNO models What lessons other MVNO hopefuls might learn from Virgin's failures in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere...and which ME markets would have been a better bet than Qatar. Why fixed-line Telecom Egypt's plans are such an interesting pointer... And more, much more!

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