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World Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) Market 2013-2018

Visiongain - June 2013 - Pages 131 - Table of Contents

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A number of dynamic factors are serving as a catalyst driving the rebirth of a stagnating MVNO market. Above all, technological developments in smartphone features and capabilities, coupled with increasing mobile broadband speeds are generating a rich market for value added services. 3G networks and the recent deployment of 4G networks are changing mobile consumer behaviours. Visiongain has determined that global revenues from MVNO will reach $32bn in 2013.

Furthermore, a number of emerging economies are opening up their telecoms market to new operators. Supported by regulation, and spurred by the increasing connectivity of mobile devices, the potential for MVNOs is significant. New markets and new technologies are a strong driving force for the MVNO business model.

Visiongain's latest report details the essential strategies and core elements that are necessary for setting up a successful MVNO. The analysis ranges from the lightest MVNOs, such as branded resellers, to those with the deepest integration at the core mobile network level. It analyses issues from customer-facing services, branding and pricing to operational and business support systems. The report highlights the reasons for failures and advises on strategies for running a successful MVNO business.

• 131 pages of comprehensive analysis

• 98 tables, charts, and graphs

• Global MVNO revenue forecasts between 2013-2018

• Global MVNO subscriber forecasts between 2013-2018

• Global MNO revenue forecasts between 2013-2018

• Global MNO subscriber forecasts between 2013-2018

• 5 leading regional MVNO market forecasts between 2013-2018 (revenue & subscribers)

- North America MVNO revenue forecast 2013-2018

- North America MVNO subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Latin America MVNO revenue forecast (including a case study on Brazil)

- Latin America MVNO subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Europe MVNO revenue forecast 2013-2018

- Europe MVNO subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Asia Pacific MVNO revenue forecast 2013-2018

- Asia Pacific MVNO subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Middle East and Africa MVNO revenue forecast 2013-2018

- Middle East and Africa MVNO subscriber forecast 2013-2018

• In addition there are supporting forecasts from 2013-2018 for the following -

- Global smartphone penetration vs. legacy devices forecast 2013-2018

- Global mobile vs. fixed broadband subscription forecast 2013-2018

- Global mVoIP revenue forecast 2013-2018

- Global mVoIP subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Global mobile data traffic forecast by type 2013-2018

- Global 3G subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Global LTE subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Global 4G / WiMAX subscriber forecast 2013-2018

- Global app download forecast 2013-2018

• 10 leading MVNOs identified and profiled

- Boost Mobile


- Giffgaff

- Lebara

- LycaMobile

- KDDI Mobile

- Tesco Mobile

- TracFone

- Truphone

- Virgin Mobile

• A SWOT analysis



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