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The Worldwide MVNO Directory 2016

> Released February 2016

> MVNOs, resellers and management contacts
   from across the world

> Over 500 companies responsible for 754 
   'pure' MVNO operations
and 945* in total 

> 5,700 management contacts

> Subscriber numbers provided where available

> Plus ... e-mail address available in an Excel file

* including LTE and WiMAX operators

Regional breakdown

Africa 4; Asia 85, Europe 577, Latin America 19, Middle East 8
and North America 161.

MVNOs are mobile service offerings from operators without their own licensed mobile spectrum nor a physical base station network and mobile backhaul.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but the essential factor is that an MVNO cooperates with an MNO for network access. MNOs are traditional mobile operators such as Orange, SingTel and Vodafone. MVNOs include the likes of Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile. For this research, both MVNOs and resellers (which act as the provider to the subscriber) are included.

The 7th edition of this global dataset is now available in PDF and Excel format. A thorough review has been undertaken and the research team use their industry knowledge in combination with their research skills to ensure the dataset is correctly updated.

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