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MVNO Management

Named senior managers are listed within The MVNO Directory.

These people are selected from the MVNOs' senior management teams and feature job titles such as:


> President

> CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

> CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

> CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

> CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

> CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

> Executive Vice Presidents

> Senior Vice Presidents

... plus other senior positions

It is not feasible to provide direct e-mail or telephone numbers for these people so you will not find these within the directory; to get such information would require the individuals to volunteer their correct contact information for 3rd party marketing, which is something a senior executive will not do.

We avoid listing the same person twice, even though they may manage multiple MVNOs across different countries. The majority of profiles with no named contact are very niche operations targeting fewer than 10,000 subscribers or are managed by teams at another country.

The managers included are as follows:

Abdallah Al-Janabi - Chief Executive Officer

Achim Hager - Chief Executive Officer

Achim Theis - Chief Sales Officer

Ad Walter - Finance Director

Adam Klaus - Vice President, Platforms

Adolfina Cairo - Chair of the Board

Adolfo de la Torre - Director of Operations

Adriaan Reinders - Executive Chairman

Adrian Dybwad - Chief Network Architect

Adrian v. Hammerstein - Chief Executive Officer

Agustín del Valle - Financial Director

Agustín Markaide - President

Aharon Meidan - Chairman

Aidan Tudehope - Managing Director, Hosting

Akihiko Sawa - Vice President and Treasurer

Akihisa Watai - Chief Finance Officer

Akito Monden - President and Chief Executive Officer

Alan B. Catherall - Chief Financial Officer

Alan Foy - Chief Executive Officer

Alan Tait - Technical Manager

Alba Cinà - President

Alberto Calcagno - General Manager, Fastweb

Alberto degli Alessandri - President

Alberto García Erauzkin - President

Alberto Madariaga - Logistics Director

Albinas Spakauskas - Chief Technology Officer

Alec Tong - Group Finance Director

Alessio Enea - RF Technical Manager

Alex Brisbourne - President and Chief Operating Officer

Alex Jonker - Logistics Director

Alex Minder - Head of Trade

Alex Pardo - Director Business Development

Alex Trautmann Fuentealba - Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Alexander A. Vermeulen - Managing Director

Alexander Theobald - Head of Services

Alfons Lösing - Managing Director

Alison Horner - Group Personnel Director

Alistair Carwardine - Technology Director

Alkesh Mistry - Director, Presales and Marketing

Allyn Hebner - Head of Finance

Amable Galache - Commercial Director

Amir Weiner - Head of Business Development, Carrier Relations & Legal Affairs

Ammar Qaffaf - Chief Information Officer

Amy Stirling - Chief Financial Officer

Andis Krastiņš - Procurement Head of Unit

André Gorjão Costa - Chief Finance Officer

Andrea Broggini - President

Andreas Bahr - Managing Director

Andreas Berger - Head of Retail

Andreas Fitzner - Director

Andreas Münch - Head of Logistics

Andreas Perreiter - Chief Operating Officer

Andreas Siemen - Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Barron - Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Belshaw - Finance Director

Andrew Day - Chief Operating Officer of Primus Canada

Andrew Hall - Director Corporate and Public Affairs

Andrew Lindsay - Chief Executive Officer

Andris Zeļonka - Chief Finance Officer

Andrzej Piechocki - President

Andrzej Rogowski - President

Andy Clarke - President and Chief Executive Officer

Andy Morris - Services and Operations Director

Aneta Jaskólska - Member of the Management Board for Legal Affairs, Personnel, Administration and Security

Angela Chambers - Mobile and Data Manager

Anita Sieniuc - President

Ann Caluwaerts - Head of Media and Public Affairs

Anna Drotz - Head of Business Development

Anne-Gien de Haan - Marketing Director

Anne-Marie Finch Iversen - Human Resources Director

Annie Gain - Chief Executive Officer

Annika Rohde Fjeldstad - Human Resources Director

Anton Gleich - Chief Technology Officer

Anton Schlecker - Managing Director

Antoon Vermeer - Deputy Chairman

Ari Asikainen - Chief Technology Officer

Arif Reza - Chief Executive Officer

Arild Flystveit - Director, Products and Technology

Armelle Baudard - Director of Client Services, quality and transversal programs

Arne Henrik Pettersen - Director of Quality and Procurement

Art Nava Director - Technical Services and Project Management

Arthur R. Block, Esquire - Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Comcast Corporation

Arturo Dopico Pérez - Chief Executive Officer

Arturo Grau - Chief Executive Officer

Arūnas Zimnickas - General Director

Arve Andreassen - Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Hicks - Director of Sales

Ashley Taylor - Service Delivery Manager

Baard Eilertsen - Chief Executive Officer

Baldwin Yung - President and Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Dondiego - Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Barbara Montepilli - Chief Commercial Officer

Barney Whelan - Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Barrie Millett - Commercial Director

Barry Higginbotham - Chief Finance Officer

Barry Jefferson - Customer Service Supervisor

Barry K. Columb - President, PC Bank

Barry Napier - Chief Executive Officer

Barry Nay - Chief Marketing Officer

Bart Decoster - Commercial Director

Beatriz Montalvo de Andrés - Customer Services Manager

Becky Bond - Vice President and Political Director

Becky Dooley - General Manager

Beier András - Government Relations Director

Ben Duster - Chairman

Ben Smithurst - Chief Technical Architect

Ben Ward - Chief Sales Officer

Ben Weintraub - Chief Operations Officer, Founder

Benjamin Bitton - Founder

Benjamin Zimmer - Managing Director

Bennett Alpert - VP Corporate Data Products

Benoît Francois Luc - Vice President

Bent Vindmar - Sales Director

Bernd Mensing - Director

Bernd Thielk - Managing Director

Bernhard Bach - Director

Bernhard Schober - Managing Director

Bernhard Seidl - Chief Finance Officer

Bert Bruggink - Chief Finance Officer

Bert van Dam - Managing Director

Bertrand Salomon - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Bill Halbert - Group Chairman

Bill Hilzinger - Chairman

Bjarke Herløv Salomonsen - Managing Director

Blair Stewart - General Manager

Boaz Yung - Executive Vice President of Business Development & Technology

Bob Day - Chief Technology Officer

Bob Falconer - Chief Executive Officer

Bob Robbins - Group Business Improvement Director

Boris Strika - Managing Director

Borut Razdevšek - Chief Executive Officer

Brad Bloomfield - Head of Development and Technology

Bradley A. Ferguson - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Brede Bergskaug - Wholesale Director

Brendan Gaffney - Director, Business Group

Brent Cobb - Chief Revenue and Customer Officer

Brent James - Chief Executive Officer

Brian L. Roberts - Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation

Brian McCormick - Services Director

Brian Myers - Sales Director

Brian P. Fink - Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Program Delivery

Brigitte Weber - Managing Director

Bruce Berman - Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Ferre - Chief Marketing Officer

Burim Krasniqi - Chief Sales Officer

Calum Malcolm - Group Operations Director

Calvin McDonald - President and Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Moore - Sales and Marketing Manager

Campbell Nicholas - Chief Financial Officer

Cardi Prinzi - Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Carina Wagenhammer - Head of Support

Carl Schøyen - Director SME

Carla Goertz - EVP, Human Resources

Carla Wagner - Chief Finance Officer

Carlo Ficini - Investor Relator

Carlos Alcalde - Diversification Director

Caroline Mewett - General Manager

Carsten Becker - Managing Director, Elephant Talk Germany

Carsten Schloter - Chairman, Fastweb

Catharina Hedborg - Head of Products and Marketing

Cécile Bienvenu-Luc - Administrative and Financial Director

Cees Quirijns - Chief Executive Officer

Cezary Stypułkowski - President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer

Chang Jen, Yun-Huei - Senior Vice President, Responsible for food and beverage related business

Chang Xiaobing - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Chang, Chia-Hua - Vice President, Marketing Group

Charles Ammann - Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Charles Dunstone - Chairman

Charles J. Zwebner - Chief Executive Officer

Charles Towers-Clark - Chief Executive Officer

Charles Wigoder - Executive Chairman

Charlie Boyd - General Manager, Wholesale

Charoenrath Vilailuck - Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Chen, Jui-Tang - President

Cheng, Yea-Yun - Finance Division Manager

Chiaki Furuya - Senior Executive Officer

Chris Brockbank - Senior Vice-President, Marketing

Chris Chuang - Chief Operating Officer

Chris De Laet - Chief Sales Officer

Chris Earle - Chief Executive Officer

Chris Houghton - Finance Director

Chris Liveing - Customer Marketing Director

Chris Matton - General Counsel

Chris Meehan - Managing Director

Chris Scatliff - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Tombs - Chief Executive Officer

Chris Tooley - Executive Vice President

Christan Nellemann - Group Chief Executive and Founder

Christian B. Rode - Director of Finance

Christian Eigen - Vice Chairman

Christian Heins - Director

Christian Iperti - General Manager

Christian Magel - Chief Marketing Officer

Christian Nienhaus - Managing Director

Christian Nyborg - Co-founder and Director of the International Division

Christian Paul - Director of Marketing

Christian Sailer - Director

Christian Schmitz - Director

Christopber Heideby - Customer Service Director

Christoph Keim - Managing Director

Christoph Vilanek - Chief Executive Officer

Christophe Salden - Commercial Supervisor

Christopher C. Gatch - Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Ortbals - Vice President, Cloud Services

Chuck Horne - Vice President of Product and Service Management

Chung, Mao-Chia - Senior Vice President - manages the President Office

Claire Hibbert - Sales and Marketing Director

Claude Schmit - Managing Director

Claudia Poels - Head of Human Resources

Claudio Carnevale - President and Chief Executive Officer

Claudio Spinaci - Chief Executive Officer

Claus Nielsen - Finance Director

Clifford Wetherall - Technical Operations and Billing Director

Colin Windsor - Chief Operating Officer

Corina Holmes - Director of Human Resources

Corrado Sciolla - Chief Executive Officer

Craig Levy - General Manager, Consumer

Csóka János - Wholesale Manager

Curtis M. Knobloch - Chief Executive Officer

Cyril Dukic - Director General

D. Merriman - Managing Director

Dale Murray - Chairman

Dan Kirby - Key Account and Partner Customer Services Manager

Dan McDuffie - Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ekberger - Chief Finance Officer

Daniel Ligtvoet - Executive Vice President & Managing Director, VIMN Northern Europe

Daniel Neal - Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Daniel Stucker - Head of Trading

Daniel To - Vice President of Finance

Daniela Manuello - Head of Marketing

Daniela Taskova-Stoykova - Chief Accountant

Danny Jenquin - Division Manager, Non Food

Danny Thomas - Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology Services

Darío Lara Caicedo - Vice President of Network Development and Services

Dariush Zand - Chief Executive Officer

Dariusz Działkowski - Management Board for Technology

Darryl Inns - Chief Financial Officer

Datuk Seri Abdul Azim Zabidi - Chairman

David Baxter - Head of Finance and Company Secretary

David Bingham - Chief Operating Officer

David Buckingham - Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

David Charles - Chairman and Founder

David Goldie - Group Commercial Director

David Inns - Chief Executive Officer

David Jeppsen - Vice President and Acting Chief Representative of Washington D.C. Office

David L. Cohen - Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation

David Long - Chief Financial Officer

David Meyers - Managing Director

David Moffatt - Chief Executive Officer

David Morken - Chief Executive Officer

David Pinto - Vice President, Software Engineering

David Teoh - Executive Chairman

David Tudehope - Chief Executive

David Wiessman - President and Chief Executive Officer

David Woroch - EVP, Sales

Davide Carnevale - Marketing Director, Noverca Italia Srl

Davide Zarcone - Chief Technical Area

Denis BENSOUSSAN - Commercial Director

Dennis Henderson - Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Scher - Marketing Manager

Dermot Breen - Corporate and Legal Affairs Director Tesco IE

Dhongchai Lamsam - President

Dian Rachmawan - Chief Executive Officer

Dick Boer - Chief Executive Officer

Dido Harding - Chief Executive Office, TalkTalk Group

Dido Harding - Chief Executive Officer

Dino Di Fronzo - Sales Director

Dirk Brameier - Director

Dirk Currie - Managing Director

Dirk Markner - Managing Director

Dominik Libicki - President

Dominique Morel - Director of Information Systems

Donal Connell - Chief Executive Officer

Doug Campbell - Executive Vice-President, Home & Hardlines, Major Appliances & Electronics

Doug Moore - Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Andreas Wiele - President BILD Group and Magazines

Dr. Hai Cheng - Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Hans Konle - Managing Director

Dr. Heiko Sanders - Director - Finance, Controlling, Accounting and Investor Relations

Dr. Herbert Leifker - Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Hernando Francisco Chica Zuccardi - Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Manuel Cubero - Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Mathias Döpfne - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sebastian Weil - Director Strategy & Operations

Dr. Thomas Neuber - Executive Networks

Dr. Torsten Köhne - Chief Production and Finance Officer

Dr. Werner Brinker - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Drew Johnson - Vice President, Engineering

Driton Arifaj - Chief Technology Officer

Duco Sickinghe - Chief Executive Officer

Duncan Hay - Managing Director

Eamonn O'Hare - Chief Financial Officer

Ed Neal - Managing Director

Ed van de Weerd - Director of Marketing

Eduardo Batista - Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo Charry Gutiérrez - Vice President of Human Resources

Ekrem Özorbeyi - General Manager

Elisa Nardi - Chief People Officer

Elisabeth Gstöttner - Accountant

Elke Kampschulte - Director

Ellen Stanndard - Payment Solutions Manager

Elliot Cox - Commercial Director

Elliot Noss - President and Chief Executive Officer

Emir Aboulhosn - VP Sales and Business Development

Engin Ergün - Managing Director

Enrique G. Yu - General Manager

Eric Adelbrecht - Chief Executive Officer

Eric Denoyer - President

Eric Klipfel - Director General

Eric Seban - Sales Director

Eric Sunga - Business Development Director

Erich Berlet - Director

Erik Adams - Chief Marketing Officer

Erik Heilborn - Chief Executive Officer

Erik Jan Dekker - Chief Executive Officer

Esa Sillanpää - President and Chief Executive Officer

Esko Airas - Chief Executive Officer

Eugen A. Russ - Managing Director (VMH Group)

Eugeniusz Grzybek - Chief Technology Officer

Eva-Maria Bauch - Managing Director

Ewald Kratz - Managing Director

Ewout van der Heijden - Chief Finance Officer

F.Th.J. Ar - Chief Financial Officer

Fabian Scholz - Director

Fabio Iacono - Wholesales Manager

Fabio Luchetti - Chief Executive Officer

Farid Yunus - Chief Executive Officer

Farooq Taj Mohammad - Director

Feargal Brady - Co-Founder & Director

Fernando Soro Korn - Chief Executive Officer

Filip Peeters - Managing Director

Filippo Palombini - Director of Human Resources

Fiona Stynes - Director, Consumer and Residential Group

FJ Pollack - President and Chief Executive Officer

Flavien Dhellemmes - Managing Director, Telecom

Flavio Morciano - Chief Technology Officer

Flemming Christoffersen - Corporate Sales Manager

Fouad Halawi - Country Manager

Frances Critchlow - Head of Sales and Marketing

Francisco de Lacerda - Chief Executive Officer

Francisco Etxaniz - Corporate Director

François Richard - Commerical Director

François-Henri Pinault - President and Director General, PPR

Frank Bekkers - Chief Executive Officer

Frank Lhoëst - Company Secretary

Frank Seiji Sanda - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Frank Van de Wege - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Frank van der Ent - Wholesale Director

Frank Verhagen - Chief Financial Officer

Frankie Cagle - General Manager

Frans Nomden - Managing Director

Franz Schmitt - Director

Frédérick Richard - Director of Finance and Administration

Frederik Homan - Chief Finance Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Fredy Scheucher - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Fritz Hauser - Chief Information Officer

Gabriel Cejudo - Vice President of Customer Service

Galen G. Weston - Executive Chairman

Gáll Szabolcs - General Counsel

Garry Senecal - Executive Vice President, Division Support and Brands

Gary Cohen - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Truphone Americas

Gary Kaufman - IT Director

Gary Mills - Store Operations Director Tesco IE

Gavin Sweet - Director

Gea Kuiper - Director of Human Resources

Geir Hvidsten - Director of Large enterprises

Geoff Byrne - Change Director Tesco IE

Geoff Haworth - Founder & Chairman

Geoff Horth - Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Smith - Director of IS & Business Transformation

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux - President

Georg Hitsch - Head of Operations

George Banken - Chief Executive Officer

George Karaplis - Deputy Chairman

Georgie Mooney - Marketing and Brand Development Manager

Gérald-Brice VIRET - Managing director of the Televiion Division

Gerard Gray - Chief Executive Officer, Tesco

Gerard Sreeves - Group Chief Finance Officer

Gerben Wijbenga - Chief Executive Officer

Gerd Brachmann - Chairman

Gerhard Kalleitner - Managing Director

Gero Peterhoff - Director

Gerry McQuaid - Commercial Director

Geszti László - Chief Executive Officer

Giorgio Gerardi - Head of Customer Operations

Giovanni Maria Lione - Head of Legal and Regulation

Gitte Roskoer - Customer Service Director

Giuseppe Bonina - Managing Director

Giuseppe Brambilla - Chief Executive Officer, Carrefour Italy

Glen Larsen - Operations Manager

Gordon A.M. Currie - Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Graham Allan - Chief Operating Officer

Grant Froese - Executive Vice President, Hard Discount and Superstore

Grant O'Brien - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Greg Bader - Chief Business Officer

Greg Newton - Vice President, Development and Engineering

Gregory Barnett - Joint Managing Director

Gregory Mappledoram - General Counsel & Company Secretary

Group Managing Director - CEO, FNAC

Gudmund Sigurdsson - Country Manager

Guido Amendola - Head of Acquisitions and Logistics

Guido Hoffmann - Managing Director

Günter H. Jakubowski - Director

Günther Vogelpoel - Chief Executive Officer

Guy Rouvroi - Chief Financial Officer of RTL Group

H.M.P. Van Campenhout - Chief Executive Officer

Hanna Grönberg - Director, Data Solutions

Hannamaija Reunanen - Finance Director

Hans Similon - Chief Marketing Officer

Hans-Dieter Kemler - Member of the Management Board, Head of Investment Banking

Hans-Peter Eitel - Managing Director

Harminder Sehmi - Finance Director

Harry Järn - Chief Executive Officer

Haruko Kurata - Vice President, Product Development

Hatem Dowidar - Chief Executive Officer

Heike Leidiger - Vice President, Director Business & Legal Affairs

Hein Boot - Network Development Director

Helmut Kohl - Chief Executive Officer

Helmut Staudte - Director

Hendrik van Wingerden - Head of Operations

Henrik Dudek - Director of Sales

Henry C. Lyon - Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

Henry Kaestner - Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Herbert Bolliger - Chief Executive Officer

Herbert Hager - Managing Director (VMH, Chairman)

Herbert Vanhove - Head of Product Management

Hermes Stephanou - Managing Director

Herve Defforey - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Herwin van der Kamp - Consumer Director

Hiroaki Yokoyama - Vice President, Engineering and Infomation System

Hirohito Noda - Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Chief Representative

Horváth Gergely Domonkos - President

Hsieh,Lien-Tang - Vice President, Opearation Group

Hugo Eslava Eljaiek - Vice President of Service Assurance

Iain Humphrey - Chief Executive Officer

Ian Philip - Chief Executive Officer

Iftikhar Ahmad Dar - VP Software Development

Iglódi-Csató Judit - Chief Marketing Officer

Igors Kravcovs - Operating Head

Ilan Kliger - Chief Finance Officer

Ilva Tehta - Corporate client manager

Inese Aleksandrova - Television services manager

Inge Smiots - Head of Residential Marketing

Ingmar Jonsson - Head of IT

Inguna Rozīte - Personnel Department

In-Gwon Song - Chief Executive Officer

Isabella Weber - Head of Customer Service

Ivan Kostadinov - Director of Sales and Marketing, Vice Chairman of the Management Board

J. Manuel Casanueva Préndez - President

J. Robert Fugate - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Jacek Lichota - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jacinto Cavestany - General Manager, BT Spain and Portugal

Jack Dempsey - Company Secretary

Jacqueline O’Neill - Commercial Director Tesco IE

Jacques Bonifay - Chief Executive Officer

Jacques ROQUES - Managing director of Technical Division

James McCann - Chief Commercial & Development Officer

James McDonald - Manager Business Partnerships

James Tagg - Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Ashby - Direct Sales Manager

Jamie Saw - Managed Services & Finance Director

Jan Engström - Chairman

Jan Heuving - Director of Store Operations

Jan Stilling - Business Development Manager

Jan Vorstermans - Chief Operating Officer

Jan-Erik Svensson - Head of Finance

Jannis Choulidis - Managing Director

Jan-Ola Norberg - Chief Executive Officer

Jan-Peter De Quartel - Managing Director

Jarle Crowo Alvær - Marketing Director

Jarosław Mastalerz - Member of the Management Board, Head of Retail Banking

Jason Genthner - Head of Corporate Communications

Jason Lo - Chief Executive Officer

Jason Mckinnis - Head of Marketing and Brand

Jasper Kuin - Marketing and Communications Manager

Javier Amezaga - Director General

Javier Gutiérrez Afanador - Secretary General

Javier Hidalgo - Owner

Jayhyun Lee - Chairman

Jayme Brasil Garfinkel - Chairman

Jean Pelosse - Finance Director

Jean-François Palus - Group Managing Director, PPR

Jean-Marc Chapuis - Head of Real Estate

Jean-Marc Duplaix - Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Marc Duplaix - Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Jean-Marc Ganem - President

Jean-Paul BAUDECROUX - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Paul Damen - Managing Director

Jean-Pierre Germain - General Manager

Jean-Pierre TRELAT - Managing Director of Finance and International Activities

Jeff Carr - Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Hoffman - Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Reedy - Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Kapner - President

Jeffrey Smith - Chief Technology Officer

Jenni Weinast - Director, Global Services Delivery

Jenny Johnson - Chief Marketing Officer

Jens Müller - Vice President Finance Operations and Co-CFO

Jens Prautzsch - Chief Executive Officer

Jens Schau-Hansen - Director of Finance, HR and Procurement

Jens Seedorff - Managing Director

Jeroen Coeymans - Commercial Research Manager

Jerry Bengtsson - Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Freitag - Vice President

Jesús Miñaur - Director of Process and Systems

Ji Zuguang - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Jim Geiger - Founder, Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Mulcahy - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Phonebooth

Jim O'Brien - Executive Vice President, Network Services and Customer Operations

Jim Ryan - Head of Products

"Jin Choi - Senior Vice President (SVP) BE VIACOM, Country Manager GSA,

Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe"

Jo Walter - Software Development Project Manager

Joachim Preisig - Chief Financial Officer

Joachim Slabbaert - Chief Operations Officer

Joakim Borén - Retail Sales Manager

Joakim Harging - Head of Sales

Joe Allen - President

Joe Campbell - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Internet Services

Joe Furnari - Chief Financial Officer

Johann Weindl - Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Johannes Pruchnow - Chief Executive Officer

Johannes Scupin - Director

John Daly - Retail Operations Director

John Edwards - Director of IT Network Operations

John Gibney - Property Director Tesco IE

John Haw - Sales Director

John Lindsay - Chief Technology Officer

John Mardini - Chief Executive Officer

John Marick - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

John Molise - Vice President of Network Operations

John Murdock - President

John Murray - Director

John Paul O’Reilly - Commercial Category Director for Packaged Goods, BWS, Frozen, General Merchandise and Clothing Tesco IE

John Pumpelly - Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis, Treasury

John Rittenhouse - Chief Operating Officer

Johnathan Eele - Chief Executive Officer

Jon Eastick - Chief Finance Officer

Jon Garrison - Vice President Accounting and Co-CFO

Jon Mooney - Director of Products and Strategy

Jon Richardson - Commercial Director

Jónás Csaba - Chief Commercial Officer

Jonas Tirpan - Technical Director

Jonathan Hume - Director of Marketing and Business Develolment

Jonathan Marchbank - Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Newman - Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Jonathan Radford - Finance Director and Company Secretary

Jonathan Sheridan - Sales Director

Jonny Wolf - Business Services Director

Joos Sutter - Chief Executive Officer

Jörg Böckel - Chief Finance Officer

Jörg Budde - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jörg Zulauf - Head of Finance

Jorge Halvas - Director of Regulation and Legal

Jorge Martín Gómez - Country Manager

Jørgen Bo Madsen - Operations Director

Jorma Mellin - Chief Technology Officer

Jörn Werner - Chairman

Jose Alberto T. Tamayo - General Manager

Jose Antonio Bustamante Prado - Chief Commercial Business Officer

José Caballero - Director of Marketing

José Ferrer de Lucio - Managing Director

José Luis Herrero - Chief Executive Officer

José Miguel García Fernández - Chief Executive Officer

José Ortiz Martínez - Secretary of the Board of Directors

José Pedro Pereira da Costa - Chief Finance Officer

Jose Rojas - Head of Operations

Joseph A. Oesterling - Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology

Joseph M. Wetzel - President and Chief Operating Officer

Juan Carlos Valenzuela Herrera - Chief Engineering Officer

Juan García-Conde Noriega - President

Juan Ignacio Gonzalez Vidal - Chief Customer Officer

Juan Ramón Sáenz - Chief Technology Officer

Judith McKenna - Chief Operating Officer

Judy A. McCrie - Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Labour Relations

Juho Lipsanen - Chairman

Julian Valdenaire - Co-Chief Executive Officer

Juliana Henao Ovalle - Chief Commercial Officer

Julie Coates - Director of BIG W

Julien Allisy - Buying and Marketing Director

Junichi Shimagami - Executive Managing Officer

Jürgen Ferstl - Chief Finance Officer

Kai Czeschlik - Managing Director

Kaloyan Karshev - Director of Technology, Member of the Management Board

Kamal Chauhan - Director of Procurement

Karel de Jong - Director of Supply Chain

Karim Hussona - Chief Executive Officer

Karin Thielk - Director

Karl Allen - IT Manager

Karl Heinz van der Made - Director, Esprit Telecom

Karl Mccaffrey - Managing Director

Karl Muchitsch - System Administrator

Karl Seelig - Chief Executive Officer

Karl-Heinz Zankel - Managing Director

Kashif M. Amjad - Chief Executive Officer

Kashmir Nijar - Chief Strategy Officer, Lycamobile

Kasper Witzke - Director of Marketing

Katarina Andersson - Chief Finance Officer

Katrine Lehn Straarup - Head of Marketing

Katy Ostro - Director of Human Resources and Legal

Kazuhiro Tokita - Executive Managing Officer

Kazuyuki Tetsumura - Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales and Marketing

Kellie Dean - Company Secretary / Corporate Services Director

Kelvin Hussey - General Manager CallPlus

Ken Schafer - EVP, Marketing and Product Management

Kenneth Tom Olsen - Chief Executive Officer

Kenny Jacobs - Marketing Director Tesco IE

Ketil Kivedahl - Managing Director

Ketty Guldberg Madsen - Director of Human Resources

Kevin BENHARRATS - Managing director of Commercial Development

Kevin Brand - Executive Vice President, Consumer Products and Support

Kevin Grace - Group Commercial Director

Kevin Haddad - President

Kevin Hamilton - President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McDowall - Director

Khaled Zourray - Chief Executive Officer

Khamish Malhotra - VoIP Platform Team Leader

Kieran Balfe - Chief Finance Officer

Kieran Sexton - Sales Director

Kirsti A. Løvnes - Tehnical Director

Kiyoshi Ishida - Executive Officer

Klaudio Leshnjani - Senior Vice-President and General Counsel

Klaus Weißenberger - Managing Director - Marketing and Retail Distribution

Koichi Maruyama - Executive Officer

Koichi Suzuki - Chief Executive Officer

Kokichi Matsumoto - Executive Officer

Konrad Meier - Managing Director

Kosoom Sinphurmsukskul - Executive Vice President

Krisna Ganpat - Director of Operations

Kristian Myrup - CEO of Virgin Mobile Central and Eastern Europe

Krystyna Kanownik - Director of Public Relations

Ksenija Brajkovič - Sales Manager

Kujtim Gacaferri - Chief Executive Officer

Kun István - Sales and Marketing Director

Kurdik Tamásné - Chief Finance Officer

Lai, Hsin-Ti - Accounting Division Manager

Lai, Nan-Bey - Senior Vice President, Responsible for chain store related business

Larry Kestelman - Managing Director

Larry Wallace - Head of Corporate Development

Lars Urban - Director

Lars Zahle Østergaard - Director of Finance

Lasse Niemi - Marketing Director

Laura Scher - Co-Founder and Executive Chair

Laurent Mahieu - Director of Sales

Laurie McIlwee - Chief Finance Officer

Laurie Tappel - Operations Manager

Lawrence J. Salva - Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, Comcast Corporation

Lea Szarvas - Technical Support Manager

Lene Araújo de Lima - Chief Legal Officer

Lense Koopmans - Chairman

Leo Ebneter - Head of Logistics

Leopoldo Fernández Pujals - President

Lesley Hansen - Group Marketing Director

Lex van den Hondel - Managing Director

Li Fushen - Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Li, Chih-Ming - Vice President, Resources Integration Group

Liam Sheehan - Sales and Marketing Director

Limor Ganot - VP, M&A and Business Development

Lin, Wen-Ching - Vice President, Internal Audit Office

Lionel Souque - Chairman

Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh - Chief Corporate Governance Counsel

Lone Hauerbach - Finance Director

Lorenzo Trezzini - Chief Finance Officer

Lothar Lanz - Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Louis Fienberg - Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Lt.Chalermchoke Lamsam - Senior Executive Vice President

Lu Yimin - Executive Director and President

Luc Machtelinckx - Executive Vice President

Luca De Rita - Chief Financial Officer

Lucy Neville-Rolfe - Executive Director - Corporate & Legal Affairs

Luis Alberto Domínguez Covarrubias - Vice President

Luis Ortiz Vidal-Abarca - Sales Director

Luis Vidal Otey - Chief Financial Officer

Lutfulla Nurislamovich Shafigullin - General Director

Lutz Schüler - Chief Executive Officer

Lydia Tinoco - Director of Human Resources

Machiel Lagerweij - Sales Director

Maciej Leśny - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Magnus Björk - Head of Wholesale

Magnus Bodvar - Managing Director

Makoto Ajisaka - Executive Officer

Malcolm Goddard - Group Commercial Director

Malte Linder - Director

Manfred Braun - Managing Director

Manfred Ries - Director

Manfred Zipp - Director

Manuel Castelo-Branco - Chairman

Marc Brucherseifer - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Marc Chilton - Systems Engineer

Marc Jones - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Marc Schröder - Managing Director

Marc Wallan - Recruitment Manager

Marc Zemmour - President and Director General

Marcel Penning - Finance Manager

Marcel Timmerhuis - Managing Director

Marcelo Barroso Picanço - Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer

Marco Ambrogio Crespi Bonomi - Vice Chairman

Marco Faggioni - President

Marek Holubowski - Chief Finance Officer

Margherita Argenziano - Human Resources Director

Maria Dolores Dancausa - Chief Executive Officer

Maria Elena Bisogni - Head of Technology

Maria Mehrens - Managing Director

Maria Paola Masturzo - Head of Commercial

Maria Pinchevsky - Head of Member Experience

Maria Teresa Benetti - Chief Finance Officer

Marie-Julie Le Guen - Head of MVNO Business Unit

Marina Hegemann - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mario Kovac - Managing Director

Māris Peismalietis - Billing Department

Mariss Mežgals - Business Controller

Maritza Higueras Ferreira - Commercial Manager

Marius Rispeter - Chief Finance Officer

Mark C. Butler - Executive Vice President, Conventional Division

Mark Callander - Chief Executive Officer

Mark Cratsenburg - Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mark Goldston - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Martell - General Manager

Mark Masi - Vice President, Service Delivery and Fulfillment

Mark Rotteveel - Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Savage - Director - Wholesale Division

Mark Wright - Finance Director

Markan Karajica - Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer

Markus Bernhard - Chief Finance Officer

Markus Buntz - Director

Markus Mosa - Chairman

Markus Raith - Managing Director (VMH, Finance, technology, online, print and distribution)

Markus Schunk - Director

Markus Stoll - Managing Director - Technical and Business Sales

Mart Ford - Marketing Manager

Martin Dlouhý - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Glud - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Lehmann - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Mayer - Chief Operations Officer

Martin Orterer - Managing Director

Martin Sims - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Wyke - Chief Information Officer

Martine Tempels - Head of Business

Marty Walsh - Chief Legal Officer

Mary N. Ford - Vice President, Sales Operations and Sales Execution

Maryam SALEHI - Managing director of General Management

Maryna Fewster - Chief Customer Officer

Masaaki Maeda - President and Chief Executive Officer

Masaaki Nakanishi - President and Chief Executive Officer

Masayoshi Tobita - Executive Managing Officer

Massimo Mollica - Head of Customer Care

Mats Westerlund - Executive Vice President Sales & Markets

Matthew J. Stevens - Vice President, Product Line Management, Professional Services

Matthew Mackenzie - Direct Customer Services Manager

Matthijs Kamp - Managing Director

Mattias Tönnheim - Public Relations and Marketing Chief

Maurits Zandbergen - Wholesale Director

Mayta Pinard - Director of Marketing

Meinrad Spenger - Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Adriaensens - Strategic Research Manager

Metka Marinšek - Chief Executive Officer

Michael A. Marett - Chief Operating Officer

Michael Cooperman - Chief Financial Officer

Michael Flood - Vice President, Education Markets

Michael Fries - President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Angelakis - Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman, Comcast Corporation

Michael Kieschnick - Chief Executive Officer and President

Michael Kok - Group Chief Executive

Michael Landau - Group Chief Financial Officer

Michael Leiner - Managing Director

Michael Malone - Chief Executive Officer

Michael Mauksch - Director

Michael Speglic - Commercial Director

Michael Wagener - Vice Chief Executive Officer - Responsible for the Information Technology business area, Legal Affairs and Human Resource

Michał Tomczak - Chairman of the Board

Michel Coric - Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Cabredo - Chief Finance Officer

Mike Jones - Operations Manager

Mike McNamara - Chief Information Officer

Miki Katayama - Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Milind Kangle - Group Chief Executive Officer

Mirosław Godlewski - President and Chief Executive Officer

Mirosław Janisiewicz - President and Chief Executive Officer

Miroslaw Suszek - Chief Operating Officer

Mitko Vasilev Sabev - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mohammed Malique - Group Legal Counsel

Mohan Kumar - Group Chief Technology Officer

Molly Sim - Vice President, Project Management

Monique Moos - Chief Finance Officer

Morten Kiernan - Technical Director

Mupanga Mwanakatwe - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Nadir Nalbant - Chairman, Co-founder and Owner

Nameer Kazzaz - Chief Technology Officer

Naohisa Fukuda - Chief Operating Officer

Naoshi Yoneyama - Executive Officer

Natavoot Chitasombat - Executive Vice President

Necqui Alladina - Director Marketing and Product Development

Neil Armstrong - Marketing Director

Neil Berkett - Chief Executive Officer

Neil Curran - Senior Vice-President, Store Operations

Neil Edwards - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Neil Smit - Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation, President and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable Communications

Ng Kok Heng - Managing Director

Niall Strachan - Senior Developer

Nicholas Liebrecht - Managing Director

Nicholas S. Aldi - Chief Financial/Operating Officer

Nick Kavanagh - Operations Director

Nick Reaks - Operations Director

Nick Street Director - Sales Support, Training & White Label Solutions

Niclas Almgren - Head of Legal

Nicolas Lafon - Director General

Nicolas Verstraeten - Channel Marketing Manager

Niels Onkenhout - Director of Integration

Nigel Chadwick - Director

Noel Burrows - Chief Executive Tesco Mobile

Norbert Lang - Chief Finance Officer

Norbert Schillo - Director

Norbert Westfal - Director

Ole Lysgård Madsen - Managing Director

Oliver Roth - Chief Technology Officer

Olivier Blanchard - Sales Manager

Olof Ottoson - Head of Professional Services

Omar Abhari - Senior Vice President of Operations

Omar Ahmed - Chief Executive Officer

Ömer Kaan Varol - Managing Director

Ortal Klein - General Counsel

Oscar Wenell - Head of Nordic Networks

Oskar Sager - Head of Marketing

Ou Yan - Managing Director

Pálfalvi Márta - Corporate Relations Manager

Pär Carleke - Chief Finance Officer

Pascal Rialland - Director General

Paschalis Choulidis - Board Spokesman, Board Finance, Controlling & IT

Pasi Mäki - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Pat Knight - Human Resources Director

Pat Phelan - Director of Products and Innovation

Patrick Chye - Managing Director

Patrick Gentemann - President

Patrick Jacobs - Sales Director

Patrick Lancier - Co-Managing Director

Patrick Verswijvel - Revenue Manager

Patrick Vincent - Chief Commercial Officer

Patrik Björkman - Chief Technology Officer

Paul Buttery - Chief Customer and Networks Officer

Paul Carmody - Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Derly - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Fertig - Senior Vice President, Operations

Paul Gardiner - Business Analyst

Paul Gies - Vice President, Business Development

Paul Harrison - Sales Director

Paul Hauer - President

Paul Jordan - Executive Vice President, Chief Personnel Officer

Paul McAleese - Chief Executive Officer

Paul O’Neile - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Peel - Programme Director

Paul Schuetzler - Chief Executive Officer

Paul Simpson - Group Chief Financial Officer

Pauli Uusi-Kilponen - President and Chief Executive Officer

Pavel Fomine - Managing Director

Paweł Górecki - Logistics Operations Director

Pedro Guerrero Guerrero - Chairman

Per Hübinette - Chief Technology Officer

Peter Bellgran - Chief Technology Officer

Peter Berlet - Managing Director

Peter Bolger - Managing Director

Peter Dekker - Chief Financial Officer

Peter Gallagher - Director of Strategy and Business Excellence

Peter Gradwell - Managing Director

Peter Horton - Company Secretary and General Counsel

Peter K. McMahon - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Peter Kalen - Executive Vice-President, Sears Financial & Home Services & Transformation

Peter Krautsack - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Peter McLaughlin - Executive Vice President, Emerging Business

Peter Nilsson - Head of Human Resources

Peter O’Connell - Chairman

Peter Quinn - Chief Financial Officer

Peter Suyk - Chief Executive Officer

Peter Zils - Chief Executive Officer

Phil Herrick - General Manager

Philip Clarke - Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Plc

Philip Fournier - President

Philipp Wyss - Deputy Chairman of the Executive, Head of Marketing / Purchasing

Philippe Buriot - Director

Philippe Houdouin - President and Director General

Philippe Le Grignou - Chairman and Managing Director

Philippe Matos - Business Development

Philippe Maugest - Secretary General

Philippe Vigneau - Business Development Director

Pia Lindberg - Head of Customer Operations

Pier Francesco Pinelli - President

Pierre Bontemps - President

Pieter Boomsma - Chairman

Pjotrs Makarenko - Technical Department

Poh Seng Pol - Group Business Development Director

Poul Madsen - Chief Editor

Prathepan Sara - Chief Commercial Officer

Premananthan Sivasamy - Group Chief Operating Officer

Przemysław Gdański - Member of the Management Board, Head of Corporate Banking

Rácz Tamá - Retail Sales Manager

Raewyn Bennet - General Manager, Contact Centres

Rafael Arias Salgado - President

Rafat Nawawi - Chief Executive Officer

Rainer Wiesner - Managing Director

Rajnai Attila - Chief Finance Officer

Ralf Bartoleit - Managing Director

Ralph Büchi - President International Division

Ralph Dommermuth - Chief Executive Officer

Ramasamy Veeran - Managing Director

Randy Ammon - President and Chief Operating Officer

Raymundo Fernandez - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Bottorff - Chief People Officer

Reinhard Schütte - Executive Director

Renaat Berckmoes - Chief Finance Officer

Renato Soru - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

René Arbefeuille - Commercial Director

René Dahan - Chairman

René Heinrich Bienz - President, Board of Directors, Swisscom

Reszkető Péter - Chief Executive Officer, Mobile

Reto Conrad - Head of Finance

Richard Bligh - Group Marketing Director

Richard Johnson - Vice President, Technical Operations

Rick Buyens - Senior Vice President, Sales

Rick White - Head of Legal and Policy

Rifat Volkov - Director

Ririek Adriansyah - Chairman

Rob Frohn - Chief Executive Officer

Rob Getsy - Vice President, Marketing

Robert Bellwaldius - Chief Operating Officer

Robert Chant - Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communication

Robert Gwiazdowski - Vice Chairman of the Board

Robert Kaye - Chairman

Robert L. Scott - Chief Information Officer

Robert Metzler - Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Robert Metzler - Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Robert Öjfelth - Chief Executive Officer

Robert R. Morrice - Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Robert Weeks - Operations Support Manager

Robert Zores - Chief Technology Officer

Roberto Giacchi - Managing Director

Rod Massie - President and Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo Jorge de Araújo Costa - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Roger Fogg - Chief Executive Officer, Mobile

Roger Hürlimann - Chief Executive Officer

Roger Vanden Stock - Chairman (RSCA)

Roland Gutsche - Managing Director

Rolando Benedick - Chief Executive Officer (Interim)

Rolf Hansen - Chief Executive Officer

Rolla P. Huff - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Romain Durand - Research and Development Director

Ronald van Zetten - Chief Executive Officer

Rosa Carabel - Finance Director

Rune Mathisen - Finance Director

Ryan Keefe - VP Business Development

Ryan Preston - Finance Director Tesco IE

Ryan Rangel - VP of Engineering Services

Ryan Wuerch - Chief Executive Officer

Saknarong Sangsangaphong - Executive Vice President

Salvador Alvarez - Chief Executive Officer

Salvatore Castagna - Chief Executive Officer

Samir Koleilat - President

Samuel R. DeSimone Jr. - Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Sandra Kraujiņa - Chief Operating Officer

Santiago Aldana - Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Curtis - Product Marketing Director

Sarah Highfield - Chief Finance Officer

Sarah Longhurst - Head of Product & Marketing

Sarah R. Davis - Chief Financial Officer

Saúl Kattan Cohen - President

Scott Bartlett - Chief Executive Officer

Scott Carter - Business and Wholesale Director

Scott Dresser - General Counsel and Company Secretary

Scott Rankin - Managing Director

Sean Lloyd - Vice President of Sales

Sebastián Haedo - Director

Sebastian Harrison - Chief Executive Officer

Sendy De Coster - Sales Director

Serge Papin - Chief Executive Officer

Sergio Gonzalez Guzman - Vice President of Strategic Planning

Sharon Driscoll - Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

Shaun McNamara - Chief Operating Officer Mobile

Shawntel Wuerch - Head of Community Affairs

Sheila McGuire - Energy Process Manager

Shelby Michael Noakes - VP Business Development, Americas

Shigeru Taba - Senior Vice President, Service & Technology Division

Shmuel Timor - VP, Marketing

Shoichiro Kaneko - Vice President, Hawaii Office

Siby Thomas - Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Sigrid De Velder - Head of Commerce

Simon Craske - Head of Engineering

Simon Kennedy - Customer Services Director

Simon Paterson - Network Administrator

Simon Thompson - Product Development Director

Simon Williams - Vice President, Engineering

Simon Woodman - Business Development Director

Sjouke van Dijk - Director Network Operations & Engineering

Sompop Chareonkul - Senior Executive Vice President

Sönke Strahmann - Chief Operating Officer

Søren Rasmussen - Partner

Stacie Hagan - Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Staffan Schilke - Chief Finance Officer

Stan Simpliciano - Head of Mobile Network Services

Stefanie Waehlert - Chief Executive Officer

Stephan Esch - Chief Technology Officer

Stephen B. Burke - Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation, Chief Executive Officer, NBCUniversal

Stephen Halliday - President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Harley - Chief Product Officer

Stephen Hsu - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Lodge - Head of Legal

Stephen M. Lochmueller - Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Stokols - Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Veal - Energy Director

Steve Boyd Director - Network Engineering

Steve Bradshaw - Finance & Operations Director

Steve Dalby - Chief Regulatory Officer

Steve Gunn - Vice President, Operations

Steve Haworth - Chief Executive Officer

Steve Leonard - Executive Vice President and General Manager

Steve Millstein - Managing Director, Automotive

Steve Petrowske - Managing Director

Steve Priestley - MD, EMEA

Steve Robertson - Chief Executive Officer

Steve Wicks - Director New Markets

Steven Goldsmith - Executive Vice-President, Merchandising Apparel & Accessories

Steven Katka - Chief Executive Officer

Stratton J. Nicolaides - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Cowdell - Commercial Manager

Stuart Ehrlich - Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Hibbert - Managing Director

Subaskaran Allirajah - Group Chairman

Suebtrakul Soonthornthum - Senior Executive Vice President

Supat Karachalkul - Executive Vice President

Suraphand Bhasitnirandr - Senior Executive Vice President

Suroj Lamsam - Senior Executive Vice President

Susan Harman - Vice President of Business Development and Chief Finance Officer

Susan McGhee - Associate Director

Susan Shaw - Senior Vice-President, Business Capability & Human Resources

Susanne Oberlies - Chief Finance Officer

Svenja de Vos - Director of IT

Svetodar Yosifov - Director of Marketing, Member of the Management Board

Svetoslav Yordanov - Chairman

Syed Zaeem Hosain - Chief Technology Officer

Sylvain LAROZE - Founder and Director General

Takács Gábor - Deputy General Manager, Head of Technical Division

Takács Krisztián - President and Chief Executive Officer

Tan Aksoy - Chief Executive Officer

Tanja Huoponen - Chief Finance Officer

Taryn Hamilton - General Manager, Retail

Terence Jarman - Chairman

Theo Weirich - Director

Thierry Lemaitre - Director General

Thomas Bruch - Managing Director

Thomas Dettenberg - Managing Director

Thomas Enge - Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Fitzgerald - Executive Vice-President & Chief Administrative Officer

Thomas Hagen Stampe - IT Director

Thomas Salmen - Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Trust - Sales Manager

Thomas Wandahl - Managing Director

Thomas Ziegler - Managing Director

Thongyai Chanthanawan - Executive Vice President

Thor-André Svendsen - Managing Director

Tibor Alexander Mæhlum - Sales Director

Tiina Moberg - Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

Tim Donegan - Vice President, Canada

Tim Kidd - Operations Director

Tim Marshall - Chief Executive Officer

Tim Morris - Group Director, Legal Affairs and Company Secretary

Tim Myers - Vice President, Cloud Engineering and Development

Tim Radford - Chairman

Timo Levoranta - President

Ting Pang Wan - Chairman

Tobias Valdenaire - Co-Chief Executive Officer

Todd Westwood - Chief Operating Officer

Tom Causer - Enhanced Care Manager

Tom Istgren - Managing Director

Tom Masterson - Operating Officer

Tom Mazerski - Chief Customer Officer

Tom Pockett - Chief Financial Officer

Tom Ruhan - Chief Legal and Acquisition Officer

Tom Sunderland - Chief Executive Officer

Tom Tank - Chief Operating Officer

Tomasz Szeląg - Management Board Member for Finance

Tomasz Wyka - Co-Founder

Toms Pēcis - Data Network Division

Tong Jilu - Executive Director and Senior Vice President

Tongchat Hongladaromp - Chairman

Tony Ford - Managing Director

Tony Keohane - Chief Executive Tesco IE

Torben Hartvig - Partner

Torbjörn Tengstrand - Director of Production

Tóth Attila - Strategy Development Director

Trefor Davies - Chief Technology Officer

Tsutomu Yoshihara - Senior Executive Officer

Tuomas Koljonen - Chief Executive Officer

Txema Gisasola - President of the General Council

Udi Mearzi - Chief Executive Officer

Udo Graul - Managing Director

Ulf Heggenberger - Director

Uwe Bärmann - Chief Technology Officer

Uwe Schramm - Chief Human Resources and IT Officer

Vaagn Martirosian - General Director, Chairman of the Managing Board

Vadims Konovalovs - Tehnical Director

Varga Dezső - Chief Operating Officer

Vasant Chatikavanij - Senior Executive Vice President

Vernon Hamnes - President

Vic Syracuse - Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Operations

Vicente Trius - President

Victor S. Genuino - Head of PLDT Hong Kong

Viesturs Strods - Credit Control Department

Vikram Kumar - Country Manager

Vincent Bruyneel - Head of Strategy, IR and Corporate Communications

Vincenzo Tassinari - President

Vivian Woodell - Chief Executive Officer

Vladut Alexandru Dusu - Sales Manager

Vlasios Choulidis - Board Sales and Marketing

Wael Taher - Chief Executive Officer

Walter Huber - Head of Industry

Wang, Wen-Kuei - Vice President, Public Affairs Group

Warren Hardy - Managing Director

Wayne Coupland - Network Director

Wendy Walker - Chief Marketing Officer

Werner Viaene - General Manager

Werner Waldburger - Chief Marketing Officer

Wiesław Thor - Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer

Wilke Stroman - Managing Director

William Linnane - Commercial Fresh Category Director Tesco IE`

Wilson Otero - Chief Executive Officer

Wright W. Thurston - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Wu Chi Chiu - Chief Executive Officer

Wu, Kuo-Hsuan - Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Wu, Wen-Chi - Vice President, Finance Group

Yanet García García - Chief Information Officer

Yasumitsu Iizuka - Executive Officer

Yasushi Kudo - Senior Vice President

Yevgeny Vasilyev - General Director

Yildiz Demir - Managing Director

Yilmaz Türkyilmaz - Managing Director

Yoganathan Ratheesan - Group Chairman

Yoon Sik Jang - Chief Executive Officer

Yoshikazu Yamai - Executive Officer

Yuval Raikin - Deputy Chief Finance Officer

Yves Mahieu - Managing Director

Yves Morel - Chief Executive Officer

Zane Long - Vice President, Indirect Sales

Zaryn Dentzel - Chief Executive Officer

Zentai Annamária - National Human Resources Director

Ziga Seliskar - IT Manager

Management contacts for MVNOs

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